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A faulty Honda ignition or door lock is a common fault with Honda Vehicles, this is due to the type of wafers and springs used in the ignition barrels. 

Honda are unable to offer a repair service for these locks and will just replace the whole ignition. Hondas price range from £500.00 - £1000.00 depending on make, model and if automatic or manual transmission.

I can offer a full repair service for a broken Honda ignition or door locks, not only can I do this in an emergency situation but I also replace the broken parts so that security is not compromised.

I recently attended a Honda Jazz 2005 manual transmission with the customer unable to insert key into ignition:

Quote from Honda were as follows - 

  1. Supply only of Honda ignition made to key number (up to 5 day wait time) - £576.83

  2. Supply only of Honda ignition not made to key number - £484.80

This does not include any labour costs for fitting and keys cut/programmed.

I was able to remove the Honda ignition, strip down the ignition, identify the fault, replace the faulty wafers/springs and refit for £250.00. Not only did the customer save a lot of money but they were able to have their vehicle back on the road that day.

Symptoms include:

  • Unable to insert key in Honda ignition

  • Unable to insert key into Honda door lock

  • Unable to turn Honda ignition

  • Unable to turn Honda door lock

Honda ignition repair
honda door lock repair

Honda ignition repairs

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